PubDef.org is dedicated to informing our members about the political issues that matter to them and advocating on behalf of those issues using new media technologies and new social networking tools.

PubDef started off as a newspaper called Public Defender, which was first published in 2002. It’s mission then and now is to report the stories that get overlooked by local and national mainstream media and to report them in a style and language that speaks to the 21st Century audience in a way that the big guys can’t or won’t.

The PubDef.net blog started in 2005 and has been honored as one of the best political blogs in Missouri. Our reports have been featured on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, CNN, Fox News, and in reports by the Associated Press, the Kansas City Star, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, USA Today, and more.

Antonio D. French, PubDef’s publisher, is a writer, Democratic political strategist, and now a newly-elected member of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.


The late Tim Russert mentions PubDef.net on “Meet the Press” in 2006:

Fox News features a PubDef.net video report in one of their stories:

Unfortunately, both of those reports featured Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, who despite the trouble we occasionally cause her, we really do like.

PubDef.net publisher Antonio French sometimes plays pundit on local television news:

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