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3 Reasons Russ Carnahan Will Lose Today

Back when I was more active with my PubDef blog, I would make pre-election predications, often with a high degree of accuracy. As I prepare for a busy Election Day in my own 21st Ward, where we will be electing new Democratic committeepeople to better represent us, I’m going to go out on a limb [...]

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Chaos at GOP Caucus in St. Charles

The Republican Caucus at Francis Howell North High School was shut down after about a half hour of dispute with no business conducted. Two men were arrested after the caucus was canceled.

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SC Primary: Economy Trumping Values for Voters

As the clock ticks down to the South Carolina primary Saturday, economic woes and a splintered conservative movement may pave the way for a Romney victory. The AP’s Kelly Daschle reports…

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