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New Construction in the 27th Ward

Alderman Greg Carter tells about some exciting new construction projects going on in the 27th Ward.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd: Rising!

There is a popular joke that says that no matter what city you’re in, you never want to be on Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd after dark. It’s sad that we’ve done such a poor job preserving a thing that bears the name of one of America’s most celebrated men. But in St. Louis’ 4th [...]

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Urban Farming: Can We Do This Here? [Updated]

In 2009, I visited an incredible urban farm in Milwaukee called “Growing Power”. In 2012, I’d like to fund a similar project to be housed in a corner in O’Fallon Park in north St. Louis. Do you know of an existing St. Louis non-profit organization, university program, or even a for-profit company that can do [...]

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